General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
(Read carefully until the end)

I. What kind of information do we collect?

The type of information that collects depends on how the user fill out his site/card through the reserved area. All data must, however, be exclusively related to the profissional activity of the user, in order to make known to the public that activity as well as the way the user may be contacted in the scope of his occupation. does not collect through the site/card any information that is not exclusively available to the public: if the user does not wish to have any of the following data available to the public, should leave the field blank.

The website/card consists of the following fields:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Occupation
  • Alma mater (school/University).
  • professional e-mail
  • Profissional mobile
  • Website
  • Social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube)
  • Professional domicile
  • Presentation, mission, values related to the profession
  • Expertise
  • Education
  • Languages

    All the details that user provides must be true and accurate.

    II. How do we use this information?, through a search engine inserted in the home page, allows anyone, whether previously registered or not, to search for:

  • occupation;
  • about;
  • expertise.

    The user's professional data will be returned only if they are in line with the search performed. No further use of data will be made by beyond this public disclosure.

    III. Account and data modification and deletion

    User may at any time modify the data and/or cancel his account. By deactivating the account, all data is definitely deleted from the database. provides an account delete button that user can access in the reserved area at any time.

    IV. Fraud and Security reserves the right to delete any account that is fraudulent or may present security problems.

    V. Data controller

    The data controller can be contacted through the following address: